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Pet cremation uses intense heat to reduce remains to ashes, while aquamation, or water cremation, utilizes water and alkaline hydrolysis for a gentler process.
Yes, aquamation is considered more environmentally friendly as it has a lower carbon footprint and uses less energy than traditional cremation.
Yes, we can arrange for you to witness your pet’s service. Please contact us for details.
The duration varies, but typically, pet cremation takes a few hours, while aquamation may take up to 24 hours due to the nature of the process.
After pet cremation, you receive your pet’s ashes in a standard urn, or a special urn of your choosing. After the aquamation process,the ash is a light sage or white color because it retains more minerals, is clean, and without carbon discoloration.
Yes, Hereafter offers a variety of urns, memorial jewelry, and other customized items to honour your pet’s memory after both cremation and aquamation.
Hereafter can usually accommodate a range of pet sizes.
While it’s not mandatory, pre-arranging services can provide peace of mind and ensure that your pet’s end-of-life wishes are understood and carried out according to your preferences.
Yes, Hereafter can offer the option to combine ashes in a single urn for families with multiple pets.
Consider factors such as environmental impact, personal preferences, and available services to make an informed decision. Discussing your options with Hereafter can help in choosing the right option for your pet. Contact us and we can help you choose the best service for your companion pet.